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Some lovely words, from the lovely people I've helped.


111 Testimonials, all Rated 

Image by Kade Beasley

"I’ve seen several therapists for different reasons but every time I leave one I never feel my issues are truly resolved.


Then I met Simon and that changed instantly. After just one session my anxiety melted away.


My confidence and belief in myself returned and I have been able to do things that have actually changed my life.


He has helped me in a way that I never thought was possible and I cannot thank him enough for this. I know that any time I need help he is only a phone call away.


There’s no doubt in my mind that he is the best therapist out there and if I could give more than 5 stars I would.


Worth every penny in my opinion because he’s given me my life back and you cannot put a price on that."


Frankee Hearth, Spalding

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Image by Blake Cheek

"Working with Simon has been a breath of fresh air, I had a really bad phobia of vomit called emetophobia.


I’ve gone to many different sorts of Therapy and no one has ever been able to help me, I had one session of therapy to try and help me with this phobia and ever since that one session I have been so much more in control of my thoughts and I no longer I’m frightened like I used to be.


After experiencing so many different therapists I can honestly say hand on heart Simon is the upmost best.


Thank you "


Katie Bailey, Bristol

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Image by Fabian Albert

"I was stuck in a hole with life and work and everything really, it came out in feeling angry and deflated. I decided to work with Simon after a free trial as he was direct, straight talking but like a gentle big brother!


I’m not sure what Simon did but we had a pretty intense starting session but then after that it was like having a chat with a mate.


In my final session he talked me through his techniques and it was all about how I would describe planting new seeds in my brain.


The positivity in my life snowballed, new job, new outlook, new attitude.


And I can even deal with menopause better!!


I think I’ll always have Simon in my life even just to plug myself back in every now and again and have some straight talking coaching and therapy.


Thanks Simon for everything!!"


V.H, Wales

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Image by Jonathan Borba

"Simon has been helping me for a few months now and I have to say I’m a different person.


I used to be a glass half empty kind of girl but now that glass is half full.


My anxiety was through the roof in so many aspects of my life. Simons hypnosis sessions have honestly changed my life and my outlook.


I’m so much calmer and can see the positive in almost all situations.


I can’t thank him enough."


Nicola Beadle, London

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Image by Sawyer Bengtson

"After a major meltdown on New Year’s Day 2023. I knew I needed to get help or risk facing another year of stress, anxiety and low self-esteem.

My husband found Simon online and together we read his reviews.


My initial thought was ‘this fella is too good to be true’ but after thinking things through and realising I had nothing to lose I got in touch.

I’m so glad I did!

From the onset it was clear that unlike other therapists - of which I’ve seen plenty. Simon has a really unique way of getting you to open up and look at things in a completely different way. He tailors his sessions to meet your needs, he’s patient and passionate about your wellbeing and what works for you. You never feel like you’re on the clock, the sessions come to a natural end instead of being wrapped up quickly and often at a crucial point like some therapists.

After my first couple of sessions I started to notice a real change in the way I looked at things and dealt with them and Simon became more of a life coach that a therapist, which unbeknownst to me was exactly what I needed.

I’m so grateful to Simon for getting me into the happy place that I am today and so proud of myself for how far I’ve come.


Emma S,  South Yorkshire

(Image changed and named shortened for confidentiality)

Portrait of Smiling Man

"Simon is very understanding and can get to the root of a problem and help you overcome it.


I have learnt how to manage my anxiety and feel way better than when I had my first session.


Much more confident and assertive and happy with the support given."

Lee, Barnsley

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Image by Ambitious Studio* - Rick Barrett

"I'd never had some or any therapy in the past and to be honest, it's not my thing.


Following a recent bereavement in my immediate family, I felt that I had nothing to lose as I was struggling to come to terms with the loss.


He was superb.


After just a few sessions, I feel clearer and have positive actions to move forward with.


I can't recommend enough!!


Thank you."


L.B,  Manchester

(Image changed and name shortended for confidentiality)

Image by Morgan Rovang

"I cannot praise Simon enough for the help he has given me.

I have seen a number of therapists over the years, and none have helped me even a fraction of what Simon has.

I have struggled with self esteem and self worth for as long as I can remember, and I can honestly say that I now feel like a new, stronger more confident version of myself since working with Simon.

He has an uncanny ability to be able to unpack my thoughts, worries and fears and frame them in a way that I can, not only understand, but also reframe my thinking to deal with these head on in a confident and self-assured manner.

Simon has helped me break away from negative self-belief and restrictions I have imposed on my life - and has allowed me to focus on the things that make me happy and I am, for the first time, excited to build the life that I know I want and deserve.

Thank you so much."


Carrie P, Norfolk

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Diana Simumpande

"I have desperately wanted to change my life around for years and worried I was too far gone to help.


Simon has been the biggest blessing in my life thus far.


The understanding of me, the advice and effective practices he had taught me have me life changing in such a small window of time.


I appreciate his time, energy and genuinely kindness.


I would advice anyone struggling who needs a tough but gentle approach to learning about yourself and how it effects your life and outcome to book in with him."


Christina, Leeds

(Image changed and name shortened for confidentiality)

Woman in Office
Blonde Woman
Happy Doctor

"I reached out to Simon again after speaking with him briefly last year.

He has helped me learn how to cope with and deal with an extremely difficult situation in a more positive way, and begin to overcome past trauma.

He has shown a huge level of kindness, compassion, understanding and care, for that I will be forever grateful.

I was able and comfortable to talk openly, freely and without any judgement.

I will use all of the techniques that Simon has taught me, and apply them to everyday life going forward.

I couldn't have asked for a better Therapist, and would highly recommend Simon without hesitation."


"Jennifer" Scotland

(Image and region changed for confidentiality and safeguarding)

"Simon has a different approach to traditional therapy.


This has been the only treatment that has genuinely changed the way my brain works.


I used to suffer with very low self-esteem, negative self-image, repeated negative thoughts and did not accept myself for who I was.


Simon helped me to truly live life for myself.


He has made life something that is no longer scary, but relaxed, and also exciting. I don’t doubt myself, my happiness or my worth anymore.


Lastly life is more flowing and less difficult, people approach me more and treat me differently.


Difficult situations still arise but I can deal with them better because I don’t negotiate my self-worth with people.


This is after only 6 sessions. 10/10."


Ellen Green, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Simon is hands down the best Therapist/Life coach I have ever dealt with.


He is extremely good at what he does.


Very knowledgable and dedicated.


He really went above and beyond my expectations with how much he cares, how he does not really care about the length of the session.

All he cares about is me and helping me.


I feel sooooo much better already after 3 sessions only. I


would definitely recommend him.


He is the best of the best in his field in my opinion."

Dr Ayman, London

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Blond Woman

"Simon helped me start my road to recovery from the anxiety and panic attacks.


For years I felt like it was hopeless and something I was going to have to live with but with the sessions and a lot of patience from Simon, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Lisa, Manchester

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Happy Woman

"I cannot express how incredible Simon is.

I am a changed person from the first session. Now on session 3. I’ve applied and got a promotion I have a completely refreshed outlook on life and work. Totally worth investing in yourself see the difference."

Sam Walden, Canterbury 

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Concentrated Asian woman using her smartphone

"Found Simon via Bark, and decided to try a free consultation with him.


It was great session but I wasn’t ready to do a therapy.


Then I contacted him again few months after that..first session was me telling him everything about how I felt and he just listened and being brilliant.


The second session, it felt like he understands me more and with his magic he changed me!


He helped me to be less anxious and be more confident! After my 3rd sessions I feel so much different in myself, feel much better!


And he’s always there when I need him. I rang him out of therapy session because I had a shit day.


He was there and speak to me for 20mins.


His support is always there! Really recommend Simon to anyone who wants to feel better in her/himself."


Bel Novel, Warwickshire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Blond Woman

"After suffering with anxiety and depression for over 10 years and feeling lost and stuck in my life, I contacted Simon for support.


Simon was understanding and we worked on some deep rooted problems that were holding me back.


I had some hypnotherapy, when I was at a real low point. After my first session it was like a switch had been flicked and it was a huge turning point.


My moods changed, my outlook was positive and I felt like I’d been lifted out of the place that had kept me back for years.. my anxiety was reduced to almost nothing and felt in a much better place.. almost like he worked miracles..


I will be recommending him to anyone that wants to shift anything holding you back. A truly life changing experience"


Charlotte McLean, Telford

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Rugby Ball

"I can’t recommend Simon enough.


Unlike other therapists, Simon started teaching techniques to me from the first session.


I knew from then I was going to make the recovery I was hoping for."

Scott, London

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Tattooed Woman

"I have used other talking therapists before and never felt like I had overcome the issues I had .


In my first 2 sessions I felt stronger and like I was over coming these personal hurdles .


Would recommend anyone to try this"


Francesca Fury, Swansea

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Dark Hair Beauty

"I cant thank Simon enough!! Iv been struggling with my anxiety for years and after a brilliant session I feel in such a good place!!


The whole session I was comfortable it wasn't the usual being talked at this actually worked without having to go into too much depth the techniques used helped so much to get to the root cause and how to move forward.


I'm currently sat feeling happy and it feels strange that iv felt this was since the session its like a weight has been lifted!!


The session finished with a hypnotherapy session which I though was 5 mins well it was actually 20 mins and I was smiling I've never felt so content in myself! Thank you for finding the old me :) "


Jade Pinder, South Yorkshire

(Image changed for confidentiality)


"What can I say about Simon, I came to him with so much trauma, desperation, and a huge addiction.


To be honest I wasn't hopeful as I've been through 15+ different therapists and 3 psychiatric hospital stays and I was no further along in recovery.


But I can honestly say that this man is a miracle worker, within two sessions I was free of all the trauma I'd been carrying for 30+ years, he works completely differently to any therapist I've ever seen and it works!


I stand here today a whole person because of Simon, I have goals and aspirations I never would have dreamed of if I wouldn't have contacted Simon.


If like me you're at the end of your tether don't hesitate to contact him.


I can honestly say this man has saved my life!"

Alicia, London

Abbi Wheeler.jpeg

"Amazing! I have suffered with anxiety and depression most of my life and have been to a couple of therapists as well as the NHS.


This has all helped but not as much as Simon has. Simon has turned my life around and made me into a brand new person, words cannot describe how grateful I am for everything he has done for me.


I will be recommending him to anyone seeking help."


Abbie Wheeler, Somerset

Shannon Pic.jpg

"Let me just start off by saying what a life saver (literally) Simon is.


After hitting rock bottom from some unfortunate events I was so lost and didn’t know where to go. I thought I’ll start off with therapy, that’s a good starting point right? So that’s when I found Simon.


I was a bit nervous to commit, but thankfully Simon offers a free 30 minute consultation, which was insanely useful to me, so he could get to know me and my situation, and I could get to know him before we started.


Instantly after the appointment, I knew he was the right person to help.


After just 6 short weeks I am a completely different person, Simon has helped me overcome most of my fears and anxiety in that short period. I


got the 6 week block which comes with support between sessions, I honestly cannot explain how invaluable that has been to me.


When I’m having a hard time I give Simon a text and he’s there and ready to help. He’s bought me down from a few panic attacks which I could not do on my own.


However now, after Simon’s help I can calm myself down from panic attacks and rationalise my thinking so much more than before. If you are in need of some help, I honestly whole heartedly would recommend Simon. He is kind, professional and it really shows when speaking to him just how much he loves helping people.


I’ll be forever grateful for the help he has given me."


Shannon Rees, Norfolk

Image by Jon Ly

"Honestly can’t recommend Simon enough!


I’ve struggled with trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) for over a decade, and after my first hypnotherapy session with Simon I felt such a difference, and haven’t pulled my hair out since.


I have had three sessions so far and he has managed to tackle the underlying issues that have resulted in my hair-pulling and has made such a huge difference to my self-esteem and general well being already.


I’m now getting to the point of being able to manage any stress or setbacks in a much more positive way, and without ever relapsing back into pulling my hair out.


The longest I’d ever gone without pulling my hair prior to these sessions was a week, and I’m now sitting at over three weeks without any issue whatsoever with it.


Simon is such a lovely guy, and you can tell that he genuinely cares about the outcome of each session.


He is very direct with his approach to tackling each issue and that is something that has benefitted me hugely.


I absolutely cannot recommend him enough!"


Hannah Catherine, Manchester

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Tam Udin Pic_edited.jpg

"My first session of hypnotherapy was incredible. Simon helped me delve into my personal problems and attack them head on without being intrusive.


He never asked for me to talk about anything but I could share if I felt comfortable in doing so. I can’t believe I waited so long for this, but I feel empowered and beautiful.


Thank you & I can’t wait for our next session"


Tam, Leeds

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Edgar Hernández
Image by Dmitriy Nushtaev
Image by Alex Sheldon

"Very approachable and stimulating methods to achieve your best self"


Rose Parkinson, Edinburgh

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by bruce mars

"Simon was excellent for me, he used several techniques that I only realised has effected me had when I had time to reflect and my realised my issues had diminished.


Very easy to talk to and explains everything you simple ways that help you understand your experiences. Couldn’t recommend enough."

Robert Evason, Manchester

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"If you're looking for help then Simon is your man!


I chose Simon because I didn't want the "fluffy" therapy approach and knew after my free consultation with him that Simon definitely wasn't fluffy.


Simon is direct but empathetic and understanding but more importantly non judgemental.


During our sessions Simon has provided the appropriate tools for me to use to help with my lack of self confidence and low self esteem.


He is always contactable if he is needed between sessions and routinely checks in to check on me and my progress"

Jen N, Cambridge

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Always a pleasure working with Simon and he continues to be a great source of calm and inspiration."

Dave Smith, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Nate Johnston

"3 months ago I would have described myself as a butterfly that was stuck as a caterpillar - Simon released the butterfly in me, but a butterfly with confidence, self belief and a sassy attitude. I cannot thank him enough."

Josephine Catherine, Lancashire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Aiony Haust
Business Woman
Image by Courtney Cook

"So pleased I’ve found Simon . Been in a very dark place the last 7 months and after todays session I see some light at the end of the tunnel.


Anxiety is a new thing to me and it’s been a very very scary part of my life not understanding what is happening to my body and mind.


Simon has been really supportive and he offers a amazing service from 30 minutes free consultation to packages to suit your needs.


I am really looking forward to continuing my journey with Simon and to feel like my old self again"

Tamsin B, Norfolk

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"I had the free session with Simon and he made me feel at ease and asked the right questions to help me realise what it was that I needed to work on.


I’m just one other session Simon has given me some tools and techniques I can use in order to control the negative thoughts and overthinking I often find myself doing.


I felt like he actually cared about the outcome of the sessions and wanted to help. I recommend Simon to anyone who is in need of professional counselling."

Nerys H, Pembrokshire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Had my my first session with simon, he made me feel comfortable and relaxed.


When I started the session I felt anxious and tense and finished feeling relaxed and chilled. Highly recommend"

Beth M, Newcastle

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Purple Turtle.jpeg

"Very professional and an all round nice person

Alex Turtle, Rossington

Image by Foto  Sushi

"Simon was great. A really helpful and supportive guy. I really needed some practical help and strategies to get me feeling and thinking differently.


Simon had lots of ideas and advice. Being able to text between sessions is great and the relaxing audio files were a big help too.


Bottom line, after being in a difficult place, I'm now ready to press the start button on a new beginning.


There will be bumps in the road but I know I can sort these, thanks to Simon's help. There are key thoughts and phrases that I can go too knowing they will get me through.


I had one block of meetings and the biggest compliment is that I don't need another. Many thanks Simon! I'm so grateful."

Richard, Warwickshire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Steven Erixon

"I came across Simon online and favoured him just for his overall treatment/therapy approach and good reviews.

And I’m glad I did! Simon was amazing and helped me work through some hard childhood trauma and I’m now at a place of peace with it all , it almost feels detached from me now , as if just something I saw on tv or read in a newspaper.


It’s really helped me to just crack on with life and I am very grateful for that.


Could not recommend enough , very friendly , warming and understanding environment.

Thanks again Simon

Aidan K, Dartmoor

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Valerie Elash

"The amount of progress I’ve made in 3 sessions is amazing !!!
Simon is definitely a wizard of the mind !!!

Natalie H, Birmingham

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by May Gauthier

"Simon is easy to talk to, understood my problems and talked me through ways of dealing with them.


I feel much better for having my therapy sessions and would recommend him to others.

Julian Z, Kent

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Family Portrait
Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup
Image by Pargat Dhillon

"He is amazing worked wonders with our daughter, she has struggles with her eating in the last year since lockdown and he made her smile again and enjoy family meals, he is always on the end of the phone and he has given is our daughter back she trusts him and enjoys her sessions, we would recommend him to anyone"

Helen Sentance, Notts

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Simon has a straight talking approach which encourages an honest therapeutic relationship. Never rushed or judged, Simon treats the individual as just that, adopting a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet the client's needs.


Simon has a wealth of experience and his humble, down-to-earth demeanour helps put you at ease whilst he helps you find the keys to unlock a happier and more confident you."

Jemma, Birmingham

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Knows what he is talking about, very knowledgeable !! I feel so much calmer, thanks Simon."

Dr P Sharma, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Clinton Naik
A Woman Wearing Glasses
Image by Sarah Rodriguez

"Very professional, listened and remembered.

Had no concept of sticking to a time limit during the session.

Very easy to speak with as a life coach as he has been successful himself in various ventures.


As he listens intently he is able to identify patterns in your behaviour that you never recognised yourself.


Very satisfied with my sessions! Very recomendable!"

Sinead, India

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"I was very sceptical of how effective this could be after years of different therapy but Simon is different, very down to earth and almost makes it fun.


I feel a weight off after one session you can see why he has 5 stars.


I'm still baffled how it worked but it has worked so thats all I need to focus on now!"

Caroline, Edinburgh

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Simon has given me the tools and techniques i need to utilise in order to control my anxiety.


He instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease.


I cannot wait to achieve great things in my life with his help and guidance.


I recommend Simon to anyone who is in need of professional counselling."

Amy, Manchester

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Green Eyed Girl

What a meaningful and worthwhile experience!

After meeting with Simon for the free session I could instantly tell that he would be committed to helping me overcome a desperate time in my life .


After years of managing, suppressing and final explosive, destructive behaviour he was able to help me overcome difficulties simply and rationally. Simon was able to aid in implementing positive new skills to take forward and I have been left feeling confident that I can positively move forward with my new tool kit at hand .


Long standing poor mental health , self esteem issues , body dysmorphia, a non specific eating disorder and manic episodes had pushed me to focus on becoming mentally stronger without the use of anti depressants, I can truly say what we worked on has 100% helped me to feel so much peace.


My aim was to have balance in my mind , and we succeeded .


Simon has a kind, straight talking and positive attitude which was very comforting to me , he was very easy to talk to and open up to .


If you are looking to take positive steps to becoming stronger then he will be able to lift you to the path you're wanting to take .


Thank you Simon !!"

Helen, Kent

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Alexandru Zdrobău

"I came to Simon because I have severe travel anxiety. Whilst I'm still making steps towards journeys, Simon has provided me with the confidence to make these steps and given me the resources to use when doing this.


I've had many therapists who have talked to me about my problems but never actually helped me to recognise the associations and helped me to deal with them directly.


Simon has gone above and beyond to support me and really cares about the people he works with.


He truly has supported me to change my thought processes and I know I can look positively at the future now once again. And for that, I am grateful!


Simon is wonderful. Do not hesitate to reach out to him. You won't regret it. I know I don't. Thank you Simon."

Laura, Sheffield

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Confident Woman

"Simon is a great therapist. I always feel very happy and confident after our sessions.


He is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled at knowing how to adjust different techniques depending on the context.


What I like about Simon’s approach is that he does spend several sessions just listening to what happened in the past and the events that might be the root cause of the problem.


He focuses on now and how the mind operates and tries to change the pattern using practical exercises.


He also has great memory - I always appreciate it when he quotes things I’ve mentioned in previous sessions and links them to our discussion to help me better understand how my mind works.


He is very professional but also very empathetic and laid back and I always feel at ease discussing with him anything that bothers me."

Elena, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Nojan Namdar

"Top bloke who really knows what he’s doing highly recommend"

Adam, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Bearded Businessman

"Great guy good heart and always looks out for you and has your best interests at heart much better than my previous therapist, would highly recommend to anyone looking to get back to their best"

Abass, Glasgow

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Happy Woman

"I had my first session with Simon last week and I can honestly say it's changed my life, the last week I have felt happier than I have since I can remember. 


My mindset has totally changed and I feel like I am on a new path to being the best version of myself.


Simon is so kind and really easy to talk to, I can tell he really cares about his clients.


I am so glad I found Simon and have had the opportunity to work with him.


I am so excited about completing my course, this is only the beginning."

Jennifer, Glasgow

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Dom Aguiar

"It was such an amazing experience working with Simon, he professionally tailored the therapy session to suit my needs.


I felt really rejuvenated, relaxed and at peace with all the stuff that bothered me. 


For the first time I slept for 12hrs after the session and yet my average had always been 4-6hrs for so many years which I had put down to many years of studying.


I would highly recommend Simon to anyone and would definitely book another session.


Very different to what I studied for years in university but whatever it is works for real !!"

Dr Exton,  Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)


"Simon was a very friendly person to me and he was always available to help in all the situations.


Was good to have a person that could listen me and could understand me.


He made me realise that I have the power to be whatever I want without fear."

Catarina, Nottingham

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Meritt Thomas

"Very professional made me feel really comfortable.


Made me feel like a person again.


I have only had one session with him and I’m already feeling the benefits from the session.


Highly recommended"

Ashleigh, Chesterfield

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Jackie Pic.jpg

“Simon’s no nonsense approach really helped me get past things that I was dodging from my past that were blocking my road to success.


He helped me build my confidence and coached me in the development and expansion of my business.


I now feel like the champion of my thoughts rather than a bystander.


Thanks Simon.”

Jacqueline, Doncaster

Woman Wearing a Scarf

Nicola, Edinburgh

(Review taken from my Google Business Profile)

Hip Hop Artist

Esam Khodari 

(Review taken from my Google Business Profile)

Image by christian buehner

John Findlay, Edinburgh

(Review taken from my Google Business Profile)

Image by Albert Dera
Image by Brooke Cagle

"I found Simon on Bark. I was so desperate for help, I had tried counselling, I had tried prescription medications - but nothing would help me combat the anxiety and panic attacks.


After just ONE session with Simon I not only felt so empowered, I was able to face my fears head on and travel out of my comfort zone with almost no anxiety.


When the anxiety did start to show I was able to shut it down almost instantly using the techniques Simon had taught me.


I am so grateful to Simon for showing me I am a strong and resilient person and that I do not deserve to suffer!!


Thank you Simon!!"

Joe, Worcester

"This was my first therapy session I’ve ever had.

Simon couldn’t not of been more helpful or kind. Very easy to talk to and very good at what he does.


For me it was hard to drum up the courage to seek help, but Simon was very welcoming, very easy to talk to and very good at helping me connect the dots to what I wasn’t seeing.


Would definitely recommend."

Sam, Cambridge

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Simon is friendly and genuine with an approachable manner and a warm soothing voice.


He made me feel at ease even though we were working on some quite sensitive issues.


He is professional and skilled and able to help with the most challenging problems.


I couldn’t recommend him enough."

Niki, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Gregory Hayes

"Firstly, like most people I consider myself pragmatic and to find myself seeking therapy was disconcerting and a little embarrassing to say the least. As I’d suspected my first couple of engagements with therapists was an extremely disappointing experience which left me feeling a little lost.

Simon proved to be extremely organised, efficient and keeps good time which is always a good sign of a persons professionalism and passion for their vocation. He also showed care after appointments regularly checking in to see how I was getting on.

My problem was driving related which is a big part of my life and fundamental to me enjoying my life. Simon’s questioning in our first engagement brought out a number of factors in my life that I hadn’t given thought to that could have been contributing factors to some of the issues I was having. Regardless of whether this was the case that discussion as helped me reassess what my values are in life which will prove to be a major additional benefit on top of the problem I was seeking to address. It’s early stages but quickly Simon has been able to put me in a far more comfortable position mentally with regards to my driving. With continued application of his processes I fully expect to be enjoying the open road very quickly.

5 stars from me, keep up the good work Simon 👍"

Paul, Chorley

(Image changed for confidentiality)

“Hi Everyone - I would like everyone who reads this to acknowledge whatever you're feeling now and if you feel like there is no solution, trust me there is help out there.


My life has been turned around and I'm loving it!!! 


All with the help of Simon.


Firstly, I thought I could get through this myself, but the dark place I was in kept getting darker.


 I knew I had to move from a negative place, situation and a dangerous person. I've tried Counselling and CBT, but it never helped at all, which really put me on a downer.


A Friend who Simon had helped passed me his number and I got in touch.


Simon responded immediately and after one session dealt with my anxieties and got rid of the bad feelings that were in my way!


Through my regular sessions with Simon, I gain a new confidence and strength which I did not believe was possible....My friends, family and acquaintances could not believe the difference in me in such a short space of time!!!


I will be forever grateful to Simon and cannot thank him enough. 


My life is amazing and now I have a new friend in him too!”

Sarah, Doncaster

(Picture changed for confidentiality)

Serious Stare

"I came across Simon via bark as he reached out to me when I asked across the platform for help.


He approached me in a welcoming and trusting way and once I had my consultation with him I knew he was right for me from the get go.


On our first session I was very distressed and had a lot of personal problems and he learnt me a few techniques to help me.


With one of his techniques he made me get my self worked up to a point of my anxiety through the roof, by the time it was over I couldn’t even talk as I was so at peace mentally it was crazy.


As the sessions went on we got through a lot of my problems and I am truly happy with the work we did together. I would recommend this man to anyone out there that needs help with anxiety, anger and depression issues.


Over a month after our sessions have past he still pops up to ask how my well being is and I that means a lot. 5 star rating for a 5 star service and a 5 star guy.

“Thankyou” Simon you’ve helped me a lot."

Hanzel, Doncaster

(Image changed for Confidentiality)

Image by Derick McKinney
Image by Megan (Markham) Bucknall
Image by Irene Strong

"Simon is approachable and easy to talk with at every stage.


He has a vast knowledge and is therefore able to provide practical solutions to your problems that make a big difference.


I can not recommend Simon enough."

Shaun, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"I am currently suffering with postnatal depression and Simon is help me overcome anxiety.


Ever since I've been taking sessions with Simon I appear to be a lot more confident and the physical symptoms which I was having are defo easing.


And I still have two sessions left, I would highly recommend Simon xx"

Emily, Bridgend 

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Been working with Simon a couple of
Months now and noticed a real difference.


He is a great coach and can really help people get to the bottom of there problems and helps me strive to become a better person.


I would recommend him to anyone to overcome any problems they may have. Thanks again Simon"


Tom, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 19.59.36.png
Image by Philipp Wüthrich
Image by Valentin Lacoste

"I have been to a lot of therapists, but Simon was the best by a long mile.


I had been going through a rough patch which medication and doctors appointments were doing little to help, but after my first session with Simon, my mental health had improved incredibly.


He creates a honest and comfortable environment for personal growth and I can not thank him enough.


After just 3 sessions, I’m on track to be the person that I’ve always wanted to be and it’s all thanks to Simon.

Thank you again, Simon."

Casey, Doncaster

I worked with Simon and he does much more than most therapists I have come across.


He communicates in a way that resonates and means you can make positive and sustainable changes.


The best thing is the fact he checks in between appointments and follows everything up because the support is crucial.


You really get what you pay for and it's worth investing in yourself especially because Simon will give you a variety of ways to do this so I would happily recommend him to anyone.

Craig, Edinburgh

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"I found Simon off Google, and booked in for a Free Consultation with him.


I explained that I have experienced really severe abuse and trauma, and I was in a very bad place - I've had CBT and other Therapy, but it all kept coming back.


Simon put me at ease, and  assured me that he could help me - He wasn't wrong either!


For the first time in a long time, I have felt happy, and in charge of my thoughts and my life - I no longer dwell on negative stuff or what happened.


I'm not 100% where I need to be, but I am so much closer and happier - Knowing Simon is there if I need him is a great comfort"

Lucy, Nottingham

(Image changed for confidentiality and safeguarding)

Image by Isaiah McClean

"What can I say other than "thank you". 


After the initial consultation with Simon I knew I was in safe hands and I had an instant connection.


I believed and trusted in him when he said that he can help me. He did just that, I am now a better version of myself.


I didn't realise how much anxiety I was suffering and how little confidence I had in myself, which was also causing fractures in my relationships with loved ones.


That weight has now been lifted and I feel like a whole new person, content, happy and can cope with things that I was clearly struggling with before.

Thank you again, Simon."

Andrea, Cambridge

“Simon Taylor is very truthful. 


I felt I had all the knowledge in this world but couldn’t solve my inner issues. 


It might sound unbelievable I spoke to Simon just one ☝️ time and I said yes I’m healed because someone out there is ready to be my eye opener. 


Simon was that step to emancipate myself from mental slavery”


Lia, London

(Picture changed for confidentiality)

“Where do I even begin?! My journey with Simon started only 10 days ago and I was so bogged down with stress and anxiety that day to day stuff became so huge and unbearable.


I advertised for a therapist on bark and Simon got in touch only about half an hour later.


After just my FIRST session with him a came out feeling like a new woman I literally couldn’t believe it. I feel confident and stress free for the first time in years.


I have new goals and aspirations for myself and I have a clear path on how to achieve them. I can not recommend this guy enough. Truly amazing person to work with”


Lois, Doncaster

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk

Simon put me at ease straight off.

He’s supportive and nurturing while getting to the root of your problems and then works through them with you.

He’s amazing after just one session and I will work with him ongoing.

Sarah, Hastings

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Ludovic Migneault

"Fantastic results and feeling after 2 sessions.

Worked our way out of what felt like a difficult corner.

Can’t recommend Simon enough"

Phil, Cambridge

(Picture changed for confidentiality)

Bald Man

"Great therapy and a fantastic person.

Simon has taught me a lot about myself and has gave me back my confidence.

I no longer get anxious and I'm so calm now, it's great to have a clear head."

Colin, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Heather Pic.jpg

“I have always suffered terribly with anxiety. Having been to therapy on numerous occasions, it never actually completely resolved my issues.


 It was affecting my work and relationships and I would get extremely anxious being in my house on my own.


 Simon was brilliant, straight to the point and told me he could take it all away! And he really did! 


After the session I was so overwhelmed because years of anxiety felt like had just been lifted away, I’ve continued to feel absolutely no anxiety even in stressful situations at work and at home on my own.


 I am so much calmer and positive about everything now.


 I would recommend Simon 100% and would encourage people to see him with their problems. 


He has been an absolute god send and has continued to help me even after the sessions! 



Heather,  York


"Really easy to talk with and some very practical easy steps to make big differences."

Matthew, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Julian Wan

“I'm not normally one for writing testimonials, but I feel that Simon deserves one for how he has helped me.


For a long time I have struggled with low self esteem and it has really caused problems in my personal and family life - I was at a point that I did not know what to do or where to turn to.


Having tried the NHS options, and other Therapists, I decided to give Simon a go to see if he could do any better, as I had no success at all and didn't feel like they helped.


After a couple of sessions with Simon, I felt very different, and felt like the fog had gone from my mind and I could see things clearly - I also felt that I was in control of my life and my circumstances for the first time in a long time.


Since having my sessions, I have started a Further Education path, and I am now in a happy relationship and my family life has improved so much.


I have much better respect for myself and in turn, this has led others to respect me as well.


The changes in me happened very rapidly and the sessions are so different to what is about.


I would recommend Simon, as when he says he can help you, he does.”

David, Doncaster

(Picture changed for confidentiality)

Heather 2.jpg

“I had been in hospital with Pericarditis and had a traumatic life/ death experience. I was absolutely terrified of viruses and being near people with colds. 


I had to go back to work soon after months off and was totally overwhelmed at the prospect. 


I met Simon purely by chance at a Social Event, when I had to go outside for some fresh air. 


I was hyperventilating because someone coughed next to me at an event. 


Simon instantly recognised I was in trouble and asked me if he could take it away for me, and that he could do it in less than 15 minutes. 


I was very sceptical that he could do this, so I agreed to sit down somewhere quiet, and we got to work - Simon was true to his word and got rid of my PTSD in less than 15 minutes!


 I would never have believed it possible had it not happened to me!


After such a successful experience, I went back to him to help with my anxiety, stress and negative emotions that counselling had not improved.


 I am now dealing with major stressful events with an inner calm and confidence.


I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs an actual solution to a problem, not a sticking plaster. 


When he says, ‘I'll get you straightened out!’ He does” 

Heather, Doncaster

Kelly Eade.jpg

“Simon has been an absolute dream. Following just one Online Session with him, he managed to amend my thought process & mindset. 


I now have answers to questions that have been causing me Distress for years and killed off many of my demons. 


My mood has been lighter, I worry less, enjoy more and have set new standards for myself and my children. 


I've used to struggled with other people's feeling & emotions more than my own and was very much a people pleaser. 


I would feel empathy for everybody and fear other people's opinion of me causing me to live a restricted life by not being 100% true to myself .


Many changes have happened since being in contact with Simon I feel free & Happy.


Simon has been brutally honest which has been necessary and clearly worked. I have not only found myself but have found a new friend that I value. Thankyou so much Simon. Keep on changing people's lives ❤️”

Kelly, Norwich

Image by Brantley Neal
Adam Pic.jpg

“I would like to thank Simon for the amazing help he has given my wife. 


She has suffered a long time with anxiety and depression and been through all the channels of counselling numerous times etc and was not much help. 


She would be o.k for the rest of the day but the day after same as she was before. 


She never wanted tablets to help and wasn't many other options available.


Simon told me about what he does and mentioned it to my wife.


Well he had a session with her, and worked his magic and couldn't believe the difference in the way she came across.


 Also her face looked more fresh and colour to her skin unlike when she was feeling down. 


Her body language also changed, as well as the way she was thinking. 


Was incredibly impressed. 


The effect has been lasting too. She used to whittle about the littlest thing's but now she doesn't and has a more positive attitude towards wanting to achieve thing's.


 I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers with any form of anxiety and depression etc. 


Can't thank him enough for what he's done.”

Adam, South Elmsall

“After trying counselling through the hospital and being unsuccessful, I contacted Simon for help. 


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for just over 2 years, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. 


My stress levels were very high and seeming to rise every month that we didn't manage to conceive. 


I had 3 full sessions and then 2 little chats with Simon. He is really easy to talk to and put me at ease straight away. 


I felt like I could really open up without feeling the pressures I had done previously in counselling sessions. 


 After the first session I felt instantly uplifted, like a weight was off my shoulders. 


The relationship between my husband and I improved dramatically and I felt like I could relax and have fun more.


 After a few weeks we were due to start IVF and the relaxed, happy feeling began to subside and was replaced by panic over what might happen. 


I booked in to see Simon again and we worked together to tackle my fears. After my session I went into my IVF cycle with what I would say was a normal level of anticipation and nervousness.


 But nothing like the panic and anxiety that I had been feeling over the rest of our journey. 


I felt like if it didn't work then that was ok because it would happen eventually. 


I kept using the techniques that Simon had taught me to stay as positive as I could. 


Finally it all paid off! We are now expecting our little miracle. 


Thank you Simon for helping me to become more positive and calm.” 

A.R, South Yorkshire

(Name shortened and Picture changed for confidentiality)

Dee Pic.jpg

“Hey my name is Denitta Frost and I used to suffer with Depression and Anxiety (mainly Anxiety).


Since meeting Simon I feel a changed woman. My mind is at ease and I'm feeling happy and positive. 


Before I was always crying, feeling upset and struggled to cope but now my down days are very few and far between.


I do have health issues at the moment but that is the only thing that really affects me.


I have tried counselling before and medication but these methods worked for a while and I resorted back to my old self, as it never resolved my issues.


Counselling did work for a while but it did not cure my laid it to rest for a while and I don't want to take medication to feel better, I wanted to seek other options.


Since my sessions with Simon I feel I can relax more, sleep better and channel a more positive feeling. 


I actually feel great in myself and it shows. My husband can see such a difference and I can too xxxxxx 


So thank you Simon for helping me find me again I'm not completely whole but when my health situation gets better I will be me again.


Would defo recommend Simon such a great guy and he's really helped me change my mindset and wash my worries away.

Thanks so much.”

Dee, South Elmsall

Kim Pic.jpg

“For as long as I can remember I've been terrified of the dentist. I've had several bad experiences and was so scared of having treatment that I vowed to only have work carried out under sedation. 


I have been suffering with an abscessed tooth for several months and finally decided to bite the bullet and have the tooth removed. 


I asked Simon to come to the appointment with me and keep me calm. All I can say is WOW! Simon put me in a trance whilst we were in the waiting room. I was aware, but almost felt like I was sleep walking. 


I was very relaxed and calm, so much so I'm sure the dentist thought I was asleep! I sat through the anaesthesia and as he started to remove the tooth, Simon sensed my worry and was right by my side. 


He spoke calmly to me and deepened the trance I was already in. Usually I shake uncontrollably in the dentist chair, but with Simon's help I forgot why I was even there. 


The tooth was removed with no problem and no tears from me. I can't thank Simon enough for his help. I've never been so relaxed during dental treatment, and with his help I know I'd be able to do it all again. 


I would definitely recommend Simon to anyone who has a fear of something. I can't explain how much he helped me..”

Kimberley, Doncaster

Helen Pic.jpg
Karen Pic.jpg

“I would genuinely recommend Simon to help you deal with any issues you may feel are stopping you from enjoying life. 


I found him very easy to talk to and he quickly got to the core of my issues. Simon talked me through what I needed to work on for me to change how I was feeling.


 l am now a changed woman who is in control of her life. Thank you very much Simon and I wish you all the success you wish for yourself.”

Karen, Doncaster

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

From a Mum...

After several months of speaking to Simon, the awful times that my son age 18 (& us) have been through (ptsd, suicidal and depression) finally seems to be coming to an end.

I can at last see the end of the rainbow 🌈

Simon has shown patience, compassion and a wide variety of knowledge and expertise, which has endeared him to my son, making the journey they’ve shared together so much easier.

I honestly don’t know where we would all be right now without the counselling & am so so grateful to Simon for his ongoing kindness.

My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in sight. It’s in the form of having my gorgeous son smiling and laughing again, planning his future and looking forward to the rest of his life.
Knowing that he can have Simons support at any time in the future is like having a security blanket & we all need that sometimes!
Simon-Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dawn, London

(image changed for confidentiality)

"Just going into week 4 of no smoking thanks to you Simon, I really am so thankful to you. 


I smoked for 53 years and kept trying and failing on different methods so, I was a bit dubious of spending money again and failing again, but your method has worked so well hence I no longer am a smoker.


All it took was one session, and I can no longer bare the smell of cigarettes, and the thought of smoking makes me physically feel sick.


 A different journey is now taking place with your help, one to help me with my weight.


I know I will lose weight as you give me the right tools to do anything I can put my mind to. 


To anyone reading this take my word for it this man and his help are amazing!!! 

Helen, Doncaster

(Helen has been a non-smoker since 09/2019)


I chose Simon as my life coach because he contacted me quickly and reassured me he could help, (in a way that I actually believed!)
I wanted help with overcoming low self-confidence and life-long self-sabotage and negative self-talk.

Right from the start Simon has armed me with tools that I can use every day to quickly break my old thinking patterns.

I am extremely grateful that I was already in touch with Simon when a couple of big life challenges sprang up - he went above and beyond to help me navigate them in as healthy a way as possible.

Simon is straight-talking, compassionate and wise. He manages to instantly shoot down my negative self-talk - and that stuff really has been with me forever!

If you feel like you've tried everything else and it hasn't worked - I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Simon!

Zoe, Hull

Charlie .jpg

I decided to start working with Simon after a huge life change.


I have always struggled to deal with life in general and spent most of it being incredibly anxious, agitated and honestly just sad and I had just accepted that this is who I was and how I would always feel.


When my whole life was turned over this year I decided I didn’t want to put up with feeling like that anymore and that I needed better coping mechanisms to get me through it.


Simon has not only given me these new coping mechanisms but completely removed my need for them.


I hoped to get to a place where I could handle how bad I always felt but what ended up happening was my whole mental and emotional state has shifted to a place I never even considered would be possible for me.


I am not just a different person now, I am the very best version of myself I can be right now and as life goes on and changes I know now that I can continue to be the best version of me whatever that looks like in different stages of my life.


I am healthier as a person and cannot remember ever feeling this good, calm or confident.


Thanks to Simon, I will never go back to being like that and for the first time ever I am excited for my life. I am now living, no longer just surviving.

Charlie, Brighton

Image by Valdemars Magone

I contacted Simon about weight loss initially and my relationship with food.

I have now had 4 sessions with Simon and he has helped me discover and understand the reasons I have such a bad relationship with food.

It has already made such a difference.

In addition we have discussed how I feel and view myself and we are working on improvements in this area also.

Simon is helping me like and accept myself and has given me coping mechanisms .

He is not judgemental, easy to talk to and makes you laugh.


You don't feel at all self conscious.

I already look at myself differently, and am feeling much more positive about the future.

I now feel that I can do this !!

Ann, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by kyle smith

I have struggled with Anxiety, Depression and Stress on and off over the years.


Simon has helped me MASSIVELY with this.


He is Approachable, Down to Earth and VERY unique.


His approach is very different to the Counselling I have tried previously. 


Highly Recommend!!!

Thanks Simon!

Kristy, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Meritt Thomas

" I started working with Simon when I was feeling like my life was just not going great and I was falling into bad patterns regarding my work life and personal life.


I lacked confidence and had major trust issues. I spoke with a few other people before Simon none of which made me feel at ease.


Within our first session Simon made me feel at ease straight away.


Simon helped me gain an understanding of my issues, he also helped me how to deal with difficult situations.


Simon has helped me regain control of my life in such a short space of time.


He made me feel comfortable and understood with no judgments and supportive whenever I have needed it.


As a result of working with Simon I now have the tools to prevent any future unpleasant situations, have more of an understanding of my issues and reclaimed my confidence.


I would highly recommend Simon."

Rebecca, Lancashire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Christiana Rivers

"I booked in for a free Keyworker session with Simon.


I had been experiencing some stresses and also feeling unhappy.


We spoke about a number of things in my life that could be improved to make me happier.


Since the session I have felt more motivated and determined to change my life so I AM happy! 5* Thankyou Simon!!"

Vicky, Doncaster

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Rachel .jpg

I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic disorder for 14 years.


Having seen various doctors and professionals and trying various therapies and medication I just thought it was something I would have to live with even though it affected how I lived my life so much.


Something simple like walking down the road was a no go for me and I developed lots of avoidance behaviours. I started seeing Simon for something completely unrelated, my marriage had broken down and I was struggling with low mood and comfort eating and my self-worth was at an all time low.


Our first sessions concentrated on this and I was amazed at how easily I was able to make positive changes as well as process events from my past, learn from them and move on.


I felt so much happier and confident. I hadn't really broached the subject of my anxiety and panic at this point as like I have said I just thought it was a part of who I was, but on my fifth session we explored this. I had a session with Simon who managed to undo 14 years of avoidance, fear and panic with hypnosis in one hour.


I went out for a walk straight after the session and haven't really stopped since. The anxiety and panic attacks that have completely overwhelmed my life have gone.


After one hour!!


I feel on top of the world and that nothing can hold me back. I have so much to look forward too now and that is thanks to Simon.


If you are looking for help/support/coaching look no further.


Simon is approachable, human, empathetic and uses different techniques to support you in the best way possible.


His approach is one which allows you to deal with trauma in a way which is not only efficient and effective but without having to re-live or re-experience it.


My life truly has changed in such a short space of time. If you are having second thoughts.


Don't. Just do it and you will feel amazing too.

Rachel, York

Image by Christopher Campbell

Working with Simon has drastically improved my anxiety.


It was infiltrating every aspect of my life and holding me back.


Simons techniques work quickly and are really effective at getting to the root of the problem.


I feel so much more peaceful and content knowing that I have the tools to overcome issues.


I feel really positive and much stronger.

Thanks Simon!

Holly, Derbyshire

(Image changed for confidentiality)

kay marelli pic.jpg

For many years, I have struggled with a brain that has been constantly racing.


At any moment in time, every day around thirty to forty thoughts have overwhelmed my consciousness and left me emotionally drained and completely unable to focus on living my life to the full.

I asked Simon Taylor for help and I cannot being to describe or explain the effect that his treatment has had on my life.


Due to life changing experiences that I have had, I have carried intolerable shame and guilt on my shoulders for more than 25 years.

After only one session, my life has changed. I found the session difficult but invaluable.


After a matter of minutes I felt like a weight had been lifted. I am delighted with the results, I am looking forward to each day instead of dreading it.


My mind is infinitely calmer and I have left the continuous negative thoughts behind. I am positive and feel absolutely brilliant, I am smiling as I write. I am truly grateful for Simon's intervention.

He has given me confidence, positivity and an enthusiasm for the future that has been long forgotten.


I can recognise the happy and enthusiastic person I used to be. I simply cannot recommend him enough.


He has helped me to find my way back from a dark place into the sunshine. His treatment works - I cannot thank him enough!

Kay, Doncaster

man texting

" I contacted Simon with the intent to improve my self- esteem and confidence, to break down walls that were holding me back in all aspects of my life.


Simon is highly motivational, supportive and rightly confident in his methods.


With every session I go away feeling more confident and with a greater self worth.


After our first 2 session together I feel like a new man, we are looking at setting goals for my future and Simon is helping to guide me through steps to achieve what I once and for so long believed I could not achieve.


Thank you Simon you have shown me that I am able to do whatever I set my mind too, I am a great guy and I deserve to be be treated as such."

Jake, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Serena Pic.jpg

“I got in touch with Simon through a family member that he had helped previously. 

I have struggled with my confidence and low self esteem, always trying to fit in with people and be a pleaser - something which has been making me very unhappy.



I was very sceptical about contacting Simon, because I have had Counselling and CBT twice, and it never helped, and afterwards made things worse.


I gave Simon a call and after the conversation, I started to feel different and things were a bit clearer - After a conversation!!


This was very different from what I have had before!

I've had two Sessions so far and I have noticed a massive difference in my confidence, self esteem and how I feel about myself.


I no longer feel the need to please others to make me feel worthwhile.


The sessions are very different from what I've had, and they actually work!!!


It is worth the drive from Northampton for my sessions - so very happy with how much I have changed.


I haven't been this happy or confident in a long time”

Serena, Northampton


I found Simon through the bark website. I sent out my ‘bark’ & he answered with the most genuine sounding hello of anyone - saying he could definitely help me out


We’ve been working together for a month now & if I hadn’t been through it myself I wouldn’t believe a person could change so much in such a short space of time. In all honesty massive changes happened after our first session & things just keep getting better & better.


Simon is a straight talking guy who is extremely skilled in his field & clearly loves what he does. Every week I gain more & more tools to help me achieve my goals & I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring. Thank you!

Olivia, York


Since starting work with Simon I have achieved incredible results in releasing unconscious blockages and actually believing in myself.


With Simon’s ongoing expert coaching and mentoring I am realising my true limitless potential that I wouldn’t have found or continued to take action on without.


He’s one in a million, completely down to earth, no nonsense, straight to the point kinda guy with heaps of his own experience that makes him even more relatable and qualified to push clients beyond limiting beliefs.


Can’t thank you enough Simon!


🙌🏼 Highly recommend to anyone needing to become ‘unstuck’ and pushed to take the action they need to excel their life.

Antonia, Doncaster

Image by Prince Akachi

The counselling I have had with Simon has had a positive impact on my life.


The sessions have been helpful for my own personal growth and moving away from my old toxic behaviour.


Simon allowed me to feel comfortable enough to allow myself to speak openly to him.


He is attentive, gives genuine advice and allow yourself to reflect and grow.


I am so thankful to all his help.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Simon.

Linda, Bradford

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Keenan Barber

I contacted Simon back in June this year as I was in a very bad position in my life I had tried to take my life twice this year.

After speaking to Simon in a free session I paid for more sessions with him


This was the best ever Investment or Money I had ever spent in my life as after the first conversation I started to feel better and got a better outlook on my life.

After a few more sessions with Simon the thoughts I was suffering with about taking my life stopped and my out look on life completely changed I was able to get back to my old self in being positive.

I can honestly say now if I didn’t reach out to Simon when I did I really don’t know where I would be now or even if I would still be here for this I would recommend Simon very highly to anyone.

I feel like I owe Simon my life for saving me I will always keep Simons contact details in case anyone needs them or if I have any issues in the future as not only has he been a big help also a massive inspiration to myself again.



Michael, London

(image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Michael Dam

I can't thank Simon enough for what he has help me to over come.


In one session he undone 15 years of trauma and panic attacks.


And now, he helping me understand why I think like I do, and to and helping me improve my life.


He is a god send thank you for being so easy to trust and to work with you change my life for something i thought i would always have to live with now i know i don't and i am a better person for it.


I appreciate the no sugar coated approach it works best for me, so thank you for truly understand what works best for each person.

Charmaine, Retford

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Peter van Eijk

I've been suffering anxiety after a promotion into a Senior Management position in a large corporate 3 years ago.


It comes and goes and can be acute in some particular situations (meetings/presentations etc.).


I've tried other forms of help, and for far longer periods, without real success but Simon cleared out my limiting beliefs within 3 sessions!


I feel much more confident already, and energised too. 


I have also been neglecting my personal development, and Simon brought that back into my plans, along with some great practical ways to feel good and stay on track. 


If you need help, Simon can give it to you, and quickly

John Smith, Derby

(Name and Picture changed for confidentiality)

Image by Mike Austin

 "I highly recommend Simon!


I have had counselling/therapy twice previous to Simon - trying to find answers to my negative outlook, insecurity and anger issues.


They got me nowhere and so i believed i was just damaged beyond repair.


Once i started with Simon, within a few sessions i new the core reasons for my issues and since then have felt back in control of my life.


I have learned how to like myself again and since therapy i have started retraining as i believe in myself again and like myself again.


I owe this to Simon-Thank you x"

Katie, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Matheus Ferrero

Simon is a lovely man who has me to look at life and move forward to things I could only dream of.

He has helped with ways to cope and move forward not backwards.

Thank you Simon!

Jo, Leicester

(image changed for confidentiality)

Image by Yuvraj Singh
Image by Gabriel Silvério

"Would definitely recommend Simon. I was extremely sceptical about what Simon said he could do for me..... but wow! Is all I can say!


I booked a one and a half hour session, initially it was to quit smoking, after talking to Simon, he opened my eyes to the fact that smoking wasn't the issue here, it was actually me and the way that I was.


After our session, what a change! I am now a completely different person.


Thank you Simon x"

Karen, Birmingham

"Hello, my name is Bradley and at the start of 2020 my life as I knew it was over, having to come to terms with certain situations I’d been in, to things I’d done and seen.


I never thought there was a way out, I didn’t think anyone could help, somehow I was lucky enough to come across Simon’s service, I have had many sessions over the year and I’m so pleased to be able to say that I feel me again.


From thinking my life was over to sending in an application form for the Royal Navy!


I could not have done it without you Simon, Thank you!"

Bradley, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

"Wow! Amazing. Just finished my session with Simon and I cannot express my gratitude enough.


The man is my hero! What a brilliant man!


Words cannot begin to describe how I wonderful I feel after my session.


Cannot thank Simon enough. Highly recommend to anyone needs help.


This man is a god! He was highly recommended to myself and now I know why.


Thank you just does not seem enough. Much love ❤ x"

Lindsey, Doncaster

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"I've always been one of those where I thought Therapy was a load of rubbish, because of what I have tried before - None of it worked - Not even the free NHS stuff.

Due to an abusive partner and bad memories, I decided that I needed some help to stop thinking about all this stuff because it was causing me anxiety and panic attacks nearly all the time.


I looked for Therapists locally  on google, and Simon came up with outstanding reviews, and I can now see why!

I told him I was skeptical, and I didn't think he could help, but WOW! He really did help me out!

I can really not recommend him enough!"

Emma, Barnsley

(Picture changed for confidentiality and safeguarding"

"I had one on one sessions with Simon and found him very easy to get along with.


He is confident, approachable, knowledgeable but able to listen completely to what you are saying and then provide advice.


I found I was able to leave behind my traumatic past and with his help, I have been able to proactively overcome blocks in my career.


He has honestly changed my life and I can't thank him enough."

Stephanie, Cardiff

(Image changed for confidentiality and safeguarding)

"Had some sessions and got some audios from Simon to help with my sleep and wow they really do work!


He has guided meditations and sounds which completely relax and get you ready for a peaceful night!


Simon is very professional and a very very helpful person he listens and then advises the best thing that will suit you. I couldn’t recommend Simon enough 💫"

Amber, London

(Image changed for confidentiality)

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