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Do you find that people "walk all over" you?

Do you feel that people don't respect you or your wishes?

Do you feel like you're a people "pleaser"?

Do you find with friends and family, it's "their way, or no way"?


This could mean that you have a lack of Boundaries in your life - And this book could help you change that!


Here’s what you’ll discover inside this Book:


• The definition of boundaries;
• The benefits of setting boundaries; 
• The 6 main types of boundaries; 
• Why setting boundaries can be difficult;
• How to set boundaries;
• The proper motivation for setting boundaries; 
• How to define your own boundaries; 
• How to enforce your boundaries; 
• How to set boundaries while dating; 
• How to talk about boundaries with a partner; 
• How to set boundaries in a marriage; 
• How to set boundaries with children; 
• How to set boundaries at work; 
• Why you need boundaries in the workplace;


Healthy Boundaries E-Book

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