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Coaching, Therapy and Personal Development.

Meet your Therapist.

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Master Hypnotherapist 

NLP Practitioner

DBT Practitioner

Health and Wellness Coach

Yoga Instructor and Trainer

Yin Yoga Practitioner

Ayurveda and Women's Health

Embodied Anatomy Immersion

Are YOU Ready to Trance-form Your Life?

Hi, I’m Niki, 


My motivations to work as a Therapist stem from my passion to have a positive influence on people's lives and my own life challenges. 

I started my Career in Customer Service, moving quickly into Management, before working for over 20 years internationally both within the fields of Teaching, Training and Sales & Marketing. Having always worked with diverse teams of people, I find it easy to connect and build rapport with people from various cultures and backgrounds. 

I have mostly worked in roles where I am either facilitating learning or personal development.  I have a warm, approachable, and friendly manner, and I have integrity and a genuine desire to help people.


I often found working as a Teacher, that I would become a Coach or Mentor for my Students, and the feedback I received reflected the positive impact I had had on their lives. I keep in touch with many of my students to this day. 


In 2009, I experienced my own life-changing trauma, and it was despite the disappointing counselling I received that I was able to help myself. Sadly, I had to take a year out of my Photography Degree. I embarked on a journey of Personal Development, turning to Meditation and Yoga, and in 2010 I completed my Yoga Teacher training in India before resuming my studies.


When I returned to my Degree, I did a module on Psychology, applying a lot of what I learnt to my images, creating my own phototherapy. During this time, I also completed my NLP practitioner course where I met Simon and we have kept in touch ever since. NLP is particularly good for changing and forming habits, boosting confidence, empowering people, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.


I have completed various other courses since then and continue on my Personal Development journey with the goal of helping others. 


I did eventually find an Alternative Psychotherapist to help me process my trauma, and it was during my time with her, that I thought about becoming a therapist myself. She said that what I had been through would enable me to help others that have been through something similar. 


I am passionate about well-being and keep myself healthy with cycling, year-round sea-swimming and regular yoga and meditation practice.  My personal pursuits and work experience reflect my genuine desire to help people.

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